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Your service users have a huge collection of knowledge, tips and advice which they would like to pass on if you were to ask. Ways of implementing active participation include: Once their needs, preferences and choices have been established, you will need to talk to other staff members to determine how to deliver the service which represents the service users vision.

Low self esteem and a negative self image will make the person feel unworthy and doubtful about all aspects of their life.


It may be that you will discuss the hazards involved and reach a compromise regarding the best way 2. Outcome 4 Be able to implement and promote active participation 1. You also have responsibilities towards the service user which means supporting their right to choose their own lifestyle and help them to accept their responsibilities.

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A person's capacity to consent is considered to be affected by three main processes: It is the service users right to do what they want, regardless of the risks. They are then able to make an informed choice about wether to continue with the activity or not.

If the service user asks for your help in making their decision 4222 305 must ensure that your own views do not influence their decision. It is important to 4222 305 as needs change, how support is provided will also need to be reviewed regularly to see if any changes or adjustments are required.

Their mobility may improve or become worse. You have a responsibility to listen to service users, to hear what they say, to record any information about changes and report it to your senior if it is likely to have an impact on the level or type of care and support that is provided.

We can also provide storage for your cart, no more need to leave it outside! In your role as the individuals support carer you have the authority to contact departments or persons on their behalf at their request. If the risk is high you may be able to reach a compromise with the service user based on all the available information.

The way you treat a person will influence the way others treat them and how they feel about themselves. It could be a simple activity, like helping with their personal care or it could be taking up a new activity like surfing the web. Their mobility may improve or become worse.

Identity is who you are, what makes you unique, your values, your physical appearance, your personality and character. If a person has high self esteem combined with a positive self image it will allow them to be confident, have courage to try new things, have self belief, work well with others and dictate how much they are likely to achieve.

Hannah Woolmington Risk assessments are used in various ways in your workplace. We all need to do some things alone and to have time to ourselves to do as we please. So your service user has the right to eat unhealthy food, but you need to tell them about the health risks so they can take responsibility for their choice.

Others may be well supported, but lack the confidence or experience to take control of their lives.

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In order for consent to be gained you will need to present all the available details and information and the choices, in order that the person is able to reach an informed decision. You should encourage individuals to participate in all types of activities and praise their progress.

It is your responsibility to evaluate the risk and decide on the appropriate precautions. It will contain details of all aspects of the service users care.Этимология.

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