Coach carter assignment

Overall, Carter is a great coach because not only did he turn Richmond into a successful basketball team, but cared for each and every member by ensuring that they have the marks needed for higher education etc.

Management Looking closely at his method of coaching, there are both positive and negative aspects that surround it. Carter said that if the students are unable to follow a simple contract that they agreed to, how would this make them be responsible people in the real word?

I would divide the work up by ability. Coach carter review essay assignment Coach carter review essay assignment Posted by In Blog Share this Colorful essay five components of fitness essay social networking essay words essay mickey mouse essay.

The Environment, Man vs. This is because if coaches are nice to their players, this would achieve more productivity.

Coach Carter Assignment

Your choices are Man vs. Division of Labour, unity of direction, and equity would be found in my style of coaching. This can be seen as both a positive and negative aspect.

Coach carter review essay assignment

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The idea of unity of direction where the leader makes a single plan and all members execute that plan is in my opinion, very effective. As his students began to study, he realized his players had become students also.

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Lastly, is that he promotes a good sense of teamwork. This job would be saved for a bigger person. These players realize that just basketball is not the way to a successful life.

Coach Carter Assignment

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If the players are not allowed to play basketball because they do not follow these sets of rules, they will not have a hobby and may potentially be involved in gangs. The realization and recognition of ethics helps turn this team into a winning team. For example, Carter made Timo Cruz the person in charge of taking three point shots because that was his specialty.

Despite the people who only care for the Richmond Oilers because they win, the basketball team has developed a long-term view that extends all the way to the future that lies ahead of them.Overall, Carter is a great coach because not only did he turn Richmond into a successful basketball team, but cared for each and every member by ensuring that they have the marks needed for higher education etc.

If I was the coach, I would mainly use principles from Henri Fayol and ‘The Hawthorne Studies and Human Relations’.

Coach Carter - Part 2

17) Coach Carter values an education more than basketball because he believes that the team should have a good life after high school, too. I value education more because it.

Identifying what was most important to Coach Carter, (2) Coach Carter's values, (3) Coach Carter's significant leadership decisions, (4) How players and the entire team were transformed, and (5) Lessons that can be applied to other situations.

Major Assignment Movie: Coach Carter 1. Discuss the personality of Coach Carter using big 5 personality theory as well as Myers and Briggs personality types 2. Using one content theory, expectancy theory, learning theory (reinforcement theory) explain the motivation approach of coach carter 3.

What stage of group development was the basket ball team before coach Carter took over the. Coach Carter Assignment Coach Carter Management Assignment In the movie, Coach Carter, it is seen that the coaching style of Carter differs from most. In order to be eligible to play for the Richmond basketball team, the players must follow a strict regime outlined in a contract that they are to sign.

Transcript of Coach Carter Assignment: Movie They learned how to respect each other by calling each other sir and calling the coach sir as well.

And if they didn't do that than they got punished.

Coach carter assignment
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