Csci 109 online syllabus 0115

For this reason we have chosen a team-based approach that values all three of those features. This function will insert the keyValuePair into the cache. However, discussing the course materials with other students is encouraged when it is of a general nature, so long as the work of one student is never shared with another.

A letter of verification for approved accommodations can be obtained from DSP. For a splay tree implementation, this would normally be any leaf node. In contrast, no collaboration will be allowed on the quizzes, midterm or final exam.

CSCI 103 Fall 2018: Introduction to Programming

Recommendation and business analytics: No regrade requests will be accepted orally, and no regrade requests will be accepted more than 7 days after the grades for the assignment have been sent out. At minimum, you should run: What is the most important topic of our customers twitter feeds?

It should always be your first recourse for seeking answers to your questions about the course, lecture or reading material, or the assignments. See additional information in SCampus and university policies on scientific misconduct, http: Separating signal from noise presents many computational and inferential challenges, which we approach from a perspective at the interface of computer science and statistics.

The prerequisite for this class is programming knowledge at the level of CS 50 or aboveand statistics knowledge at the level of Stat or above. Understand basic object-oriented principles.

You must quote the source using proper citations author, year, title, time accessed, URL both in the source code and in any publicly visible material.

CS109 – Fall 2018: Introduction to Computer Science

However, you are encouraged to use libraries, unless explicitly stated otherwise! Here is a sample citation: Section attendance is mandatory for all on-campus students and will be considered for your participation grade.

The Extension School is committed to providing an accessible academic community. Other forms of academic dishonesty are equally unacceptable. You will submit several files that we will grade and return to you. Students can use older versions of the textbook if they so desire.

It is strongly recommended that students read the relevant chapters of the textbook before coming to class. We will also use Piazza for all announcements, so it is important that you are signed up. Quoting Sources You must acknowledge any source code that was not written by you by mentioning the original author s directly in your source code comment or header.

CS109 Data Science

Be sure you make it to the ones scheduled. In some cases, the copyright is owned by third parties, and Harvard is making the third-party Content available to you under the fair use doctrine. Missed Activities and Assignment Deadlines Projects and homework must be turned in on time, with the exception of late days for homeworks as stated below.

Students will be allowed a total of two late days that can be used on the assignments. Statement for Students with Disabilities Any student requesting academic accommodations based on a disability is required to register with Disability Services and Programs DSP each semester.

What is the structure of the class? You must quote the source using proper citations author, year, title, time accessed, URL both in the source code and in any publicly visible material. This presents many opportunities, but the right tools from both computer science and statistics are needed so that you can learn from the data without drowning.

We recognize that individual schedules, different time zones, preferences, and other constraints might limit your ability to work in a team. Each student is given six late days for homework at the beginning of the semester.

Both undergraduates and graduate students are welcome to take the course. You may not use existing complex combinations or large examples. These are based on teaching of CSCI in past semesters, and cover the material quite accurately as presented in class. Office hour times and locations will be listed on Piazza.

Instead, we have a list of recommended readings on the web site. Let the second hash function be the following: What is the structure of the class?

Course Information

The major programming language used will be Python. Exams are scored on a percentage basis.CSCI__Online_Syllabus_ Page 2 of 7 existing knowledge of using computer systems and pertinent applications.

Students will increase their skills with the most popular computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, electronic mail, presentation software, and internet.

Computer literacy is presented through lectures. Syllabus Required Textbook. We are using the textbook C++ for Everyone by Cay S.

Horstmann. It has been ordered to the USC bookstore, or you can order it online. Reading this book is mandatory: lectures will reinforce the material it covers, but we will assume you already have basic familiarity each week with the chapters that are required reading.

of probability and statistics at the level of CSCI E or STAT E, including the concepts of marginal and conditional probability, random variable, probability density distribution, statistical Elements of Data Science and Statistical Learning Syllabus 4 5 Oct 4 Model selection and regularization: ridge regression, lasso, dimensionality.

CSCI Introduction to Computing (S16; 3 units) Prerequisite: None Corequisite to: CSCI L. Textbook(s): (Required) Computing for Ordinary Mortals, St.

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Csci 109 online syllabus 0115
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