Procedure writing activities for kids

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Gambrel then types up the rules so students can discuss them. The same is true for our lessons. The student reads aloud the question.

It is important for children to be able to give directions to locations based both on physical descriptions of the surroundings and on road maps. Seriously, how adorable is this???

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Arrange students into groups of four. As the students finished their faces, I looped them through the mouth hole and taped them on the back. Pop-up cards are definitely unique! Could you use some extra resources? Sample activities include two types of stationery for student letters and a handout that encourages students to contemplate and write about their plans for the future.

V to project my iPad onto the screen and the class and I wrote a procedure on how to create the birch trees scene. A good example of an imaginative prompt that allows children to explore their fantasies is "How to Care for Today, the children completed their art and they turned out beautifully.

Let's tour a few of the finest writing activities that the Web has to offer. We also brainstormed procedural writing topics. First, introduce the topic of the friendly letter and compare it to the business letter with the examples at Letter Formats.

How do you get your students excited about writing? The second Procedural writing activity was to have the students blow a bubble and then write the steps to blowing a bubble. Meanwhile, students become increasingly unfocused.

Continue around the room until all the questions have been asked and answered. You may add more sentences by clicking "Add another line" below.

For children to develop good procedural writing skills, they need to understand what they are trying to give instructions on, who they are giving instructions to and what steps they will be dividing their procedure into.

Free, 15 lines with many customization options, and basic saving features. An added bonus was that I was able to immediately print it out and had a few copies floating around the room for children that needed to reread the procedure.


You can make up some story about how the story was discovered in an old trunk and the end was rotted off. This page, from the Write Source, suggests several topics for papers your students will love to write, and all grade levels are addressed.

I always love to teach procedural writing because there are so many fun lessons to do with procedural writing. Did you do a quick assessment as students left the room?

We have done many activities in the past two weeks about procedural writing. Procedural writing informs the writer's audience how to do something. The kids loved the lesson and the overall project turned out really cute!This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

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Ten Activities for Establishing Classroom Rules | Lesson Plan When it comes to setting rules in the classroom, in some ways the old adage "hope for the best, but prepare for the worst" rings true.

Starting the school year on the right foot includes establishing classroom rules that. Title: Microsoft Word - Scientific Method Writing A Clear Author: a3smith Created Date: Z.

The Writing Process: A Scaffolding Approach Considerations Packet For more information contact: Scaffolding is one process that allows teachers to organize a writing activity systematically to meet the needs of all students.

a foundation or organized procedure must first be developed. The. Reading and following recipes is a wonderful way to encourage the comprehension of procedural text. Here is a fabulous bread recipe that includes links to sites that show how bread is made in the commercial bread industry. The following is a three paragraph format to follow in writing an appropriate conclusion.

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The outline is a guide to help you include the necessary information. Adhere to ALL writing .

Procedure writing activities for kids
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