The zoo story as an absurd

And the reason being very clear that we cannot live all alone. Very little happens, because nothing meaningful can happen. If a person lives in total isolation without any structures ,then his life is but a nothingness.

Create a Backstory Activity: I had tried to love and I had tried to kill, and both had been unsuccessful by themselves…I hoped that the dog would understand.

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His hypnotic and strange talk plainly suggests a man on the brink of madness. Based on two aspects-love and hate, it is unparalleled. Those legacies, sadly, and all too frequently, translate into fear of Others.

The second part, deals with the story of Jerry and the dog, and the third is the zoo story- what happened at the zoo? This is why, until physically and by extension morally pushed regarding the bench, he tries avoiding Jerry, a strategy of avoidance that occur on a verbal as well as non verbal plane.

After discussing the difference between fantasy and reality, Jerry abruptly brings the conversation back to the reason for his trip to the zoo. Both characters fit the definition of existentialism, but on different levels.

Jerry and Peter meet in Central park. Peter is the bourgeois, self-satisfied, not-much-happening-here-on-this bench sort. Specifically, they get to hate each other and secretively love each other; they get to define themselves as what the other is not.

But who are we to judge? All serious art interests itself in this. He tries to ask numerous questions in order to demolish the sheath around him but he maintains his calm, selfish isolation. Jerry tells Peter that he has had only short-term relationships with women.

He is not seeking connections with other people or animals. His present condition offers little sense of resolution, boundaries and solace.

The Zoo Story Summary

He may belong to the lower elements of the society,but still he is highly conscious about his isolation from the other humans and also the general loneliness and anguish of existence. He is fascinated by the dog's hatred, he responds to it with obsessive force: The entire section is words.

Edward Albee Society

Like the playing cards discussed in the play, he is playing the hand in life that he was dealt, and he would do so, probably without complaint, until he dies, except for his unfortunate and brief encounter with Jerry.

Jerry lives in a rooming-house where the landlady's dog attacks him every time he comes in. That got made into a movie, but The Zoo Story is too short and too weird to have ever been adapted. He occupies a good position in society and is a well earning guy holding an executive's position in a publishing house.KEYWORDS: Zoo Story an Absurd Drama, "Isolation" as a Principle Theme in Edward Albee Plays, Death-in-Life Existence in The Zoo Story INTRODUCTION Edward Albee is an American playwright whose works rank among the finest in the contemporary theatre.

The plots often deviate from the more traditional episodic structure and seem to move in a circle, ending the same way it began.

The scenery was often unrecognizable and the dialogue did not seem to make any sense. This genre of theatre took quite some time to catch on because it used techniques.

The Zoo Story Edward Albee for William Flanagan CHARACTERS PETER: A man in his early forties, neither fat nor gaunt, neither handsome nor homely He wears tweeds, smokes a pipe, carries. The Zoo Story is a stunning tour de force by a new playwright. It is theatrically simple yet thematically complex.

It is theatrically simple yet thematically complex.

The Zoo Story

The Zoo Story follows Peter, a quiet and nervous man trying to read in the park on a sunny afternoon, until he is interrupted by the uninvited Jerry, loudly and boisterously trying to tell someone.

The Zoo Story is a mixture of both realistic and absurd elements. Albee maintains that he met many prototypes for Peter and Jerry while working for Western Union delivering telegrams to rooming.

The zoo story as an absurd
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